Monthly Archive for November, 2005


In the middle of the night, someone knocks at the door, there has been an accident, he needs to make a phone call; the family opens the door, lets him phone… and then he disappears. But they know he is still in the house.


A clockmaker finds a cardboard box, then opens two holes at the bottom and discovers that he can see the future through them.


A teacher is convinced that his students want to kill him.


Martians invade Earth, because they really dislike how they are pictured in science-fiction films.


A witch uses her powers to stop being a witch.


A man meets another who swears to be him, but in the future.


When the government forbids imagination, a man fights back.


A private investigator believes that heat makes people want to kill. So he thinks that a good air conditioning system would do good to potential murderers.


A man who hates noise decides to exterminate anything producing it.


That day, Death stopped killing. That day no one died. And from then on, people did not die any more. They just went on living, getting older and older, and morticians, insurance companies and the church went bankrupt.