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A young nurse meets a world-famous painter when he is recovering from intestinal cancer. He asks her to pose for him, and she consents. Although dismayed by the portrait he produced, the drawing becomes one of the masterpieces of contemporary art.


A beautiful and young woman says that she is considering running for president of the nation, unleashing an onslaught of attacks and ridicule not only from her old enemies, or from the conservative, sexist sectors of society, but, more surprisingly, from her own husband, her family, and her friends.


In the days following an earthquake, terror from crimes seen and unseen, real and rumored, grip a city. The fears delay medical evacuations, drive police officers to quit and ground helicopters and planes.


A man who has won $17 million in the national lottery shows up to collect his prize while wearing a police-issued electronic ankle bracelet.


A man is believed to have been killed by a large crocodile while scuba diving off Australia on Thursday, the second fatal attack in five days.