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A young teacher falls in love with a young woman writer, who turns out to be a lesbian and tells him she cannot love him as he wishes. As a sort of consolation, the young man starts a sex affaire with the mother of one of his students.


A child start doing shoplifting and all sort of monkey business, in the hope of stopping in that way the affaire between his mother and his teacher and save his parents’ marriage.


A young student falls in love with the mother of one of his class mates. She is mistreated by her husband.


A young couple finds a long ago extinguished rodent in a cupboard of their new house.


A scientist kidnaps a pigmy couple believing he has found the missing link between ape and man.


A woman thinks she has found the perfect husband, until she comes up against his mother.


A man discovers, somewhere in his house, a book where everything he has done so far has been written down in painful detail. Worse: where everything he will do from now on until the end is written as well.