Monthly Archive for May, 2005


Tanks enter a city to extinguish a revolution. Citizens fight the tanks with stones, and then one soldier comes out of one of the tanks, crying: Why do you throw stones at us? Don’t you realize we are here because we love you?


A man no one has ever been able to photograph, the man without a face, until one day in 1973 someone manages to take his picture during holidays in the Caspian Sea. He turns out to be a very good-looking man, but is he the same man who has been in all these places through his life?


A secret agent who never dies, and serves successively the interests of the Napoleonic empire, the Russian Tsar, the Bolshevik revolution and the KGB.


A newly wed couple starts receiving videotapes by post. In the videotapes they see themselves, in their bedroom, during their most intimate moments. Someone has been filming them without their knowledge.


A young father in deep economic trouble resolves to sell his newborn infant to get out of it.


A forlorn young man shows up in a small town in England. Although elegantly dressed, he obviously did not have a shower for days, does not say a word, and seems very much confused. When given a piece of paper to write his name, he draws a piano. When given a piano, he plays wonderfully a strange music, probably his own.


A small ad appears in a local newspaper. Someone is looking for an old professional female model who, after taking some photography sessions in Afganistan for Look Magazine in 1968, accepted the invitation for dinner from a local prince and nothing was heard from her ever since.


A country where being happy is compulsory.


A student receives an invitation to attend the world”s first and only Time Traveler Convention.