Monthly Archive for April, 2005


Ghosts communicate with the living through badly working television sets. TV noise is a unquestionable signal of the supernatural.


A woman turns around in her corridor and sees a myriad of insects forming spirals, and as she takes a closer look, she can see that they actually are telepathic UFOS driven by extraterrestrials, aimed at controlling her mind totally and forever.


A young man decides that a 36 hours day suits him better than a 24 hours day. The day shall have 18 hours and so will the night. So he closes down doors and windows when his night is falling and lights up artificial daytime neon lights whenever he decides it is time for a new day to begin.


An old, world famous film director who expressly prohibits any pictures of him being taken is forced to come out into the public spotlight when another man poses as him to engage young men into sexual relation, by promising them a role in his movies.


A tyrant, a dictator, a modern-day Hitler, whose favourite colour is pink.


Researchers find out that underneath a famous painting depicting the first known New Zealand landscape, there is another painting: a surprisingly detailed view on the Antarctica, painted 200 years ago.


Researchers develop a new type of plastic whose shape can be temporarily changed by exposure to light.


An international, highly regarded banker is found dead in his Geneva residence. He is tied up to a bed and is wearing latex underwear.