Monthly Archive for December, 2004


Psychiatric help and insane asylums are forbidden, and the insane ones walk the streets causing and feeling panic.


Count Axel left his library and walked down the wide marble steps among the time flowers.


Surveillance has become so effective that every citizen has his or her personal spy. Every normal citizen spies on his or her spy as well.


When reaching adulthood, boys and girls are asked to work as spies for the state. If they accept, they must sacrifice all privacy and personal feelings. Love and friendship only exist for them as a means to access information.


A young waitress in the only ice cream salon in town longs for a less predictable life. She starts to see in her dreams a man who suddenly shows up in the ice cream salon and takes her with him.


A boy is abandoned twice; first, as a baby, by his biological mother; and then, as a young child, by his adoptive mother, unable to cope with his fears and his silences. And yet, he turns out to be a winner.


A man tries to escape his destiny, but his destiny catches up with him.


A delinquent on the run meets an innocent, honest girl, and because of her he wants to stop being a criminal, and become an honest, hard-working citizen, and start a family. But things turn otherwise.


A man suffering from “Flesh Eating Bacteria” is operated and has half of his face removed. Back home and half-faced, he turns on his computer and receives an image showing the lost half of his face, sent by the surgeon. For a brief moment, looking at that picture, his face is complete again.


After an unsuccessful cancer operation, a young woman is able to see angels, angels who are with us all the time, but we cannot see. Now she can, and she even can talk to them. Maybe she is one of them now.