Monthly Archive for November, 2004


A young man breaks in the magnificent villas of extremely rich people not to steal, but to pretend, for as long as he can, to be one of them.


Two provincial music composers see the opportunity of their lives when a famous singer from Las Vegas has to spend the night in their village, due to a train strike. They hire the services of a prostitute to pose as the complacent wife of one of them.


After their granny”s death, two brothers are at the mercy of a tyrannical mother.


A wandering soldier keeps looking and finding all kinds of jobs, unable to accept the fact that the war has ended, and that he should learn to live with peace.


A shoemaker approaching retirement age decides, all of sudden, to quit his docile wife and his conflictive son.


An eighty-years-old junkie starts a crusade to promote the use of heroine and other opiates among youth, as a healthier alternative to alcohol. A famous politician loses his daughter, victim of an overdose.


A teenage mother wants to give up her child at birth but changes her mind at the very, very last moment.