Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped.

2536 – from Kim

In 2021 the year started on the 12th of January.

2535 – from Anonymous

They sit and want each other until they put their cold hands in one another.


In the traditional Russian villages, the young girls would often get together to rent an old hut or a room in someone’s house. They would gather there in the evenings to tell stories, do needlework and sing. The young men would come to join in the merrymaking. Sometimes it seems that the merrymaking would become an orgy, though there are conflicting ideas about this.


In search of unrealised paradises, a communist and a capitalist break into summer homes to build a new future.


A car crash killed a newlywed in 1973. Now police say she was murdered — by the groom.


But Jesus did not return on October 22, 1844.


Two men on each opposite side of a river. A beautiful young woman scientist comes to research the case.


Béréchith Bârâ Elohim. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


A hunchbacked Norwegian captain orders a suit from a Dublin tailor. The finished suit does not fit him, and the captain berates the tailor for being unable to sew, whereupon the irate tailor denounces him for being impossible to fit.